Software Design

rocket design software
Understanding how to use and design on computer-aided rocket design software can be a new challenge for people, but it is also an extremely helpful tool in designing a home rocket. By getting the dimensions correct for stress and performance, a home rocket will frequently fly better, last longer and perform with more pre-dictable results. This is because the computer testing allows modeling well before the rocket actually flies in the air.

Testing Matters

rocket testing
One of the advantages of computer-aided design is the ability to virtually test a rocket performance in a cy-berspace. Understanding the math involved allows a user to simulate different conditions, which then produc-es a good idea of what will likely occur when the rocket is actually launched. The arc, momentum, propul-sion, gravity, wind pressure, and weight can all be inputted into a model to see what a rocket will theoretical-ly do when launched. This gives the builder a good idea what to fix if the model shows a serious risk of crashing or in air combustion or explosion.